The Center has tried to streamline the registration process by having as much done as possible prior to the day of surgery. Center staff will have obtained pertinent data from you, your insurance company and your surgeon over the telephone. All of this information is entered into our computer database and printed out on our forms.

When you arrive, you will be asked to review and sign a form that has your name, address, phone number, insurance, etc. as well as a few questions at the bottom of the form — if you need glasses to read, please have those with you.

We will need to make a copy of your insurance cards, so please have those with you. Also, please bring a photo ID. If arrangements have been made for you to pay your co-pay or deductible or to sign a promissory note, you will do so at that time.

Patients are generally told to arrive one hour before the start of the actual surgery time. In that hour, you are registered, brought back to the pre-op area, assessed by the pre-op nurse, changed into a gown, have an IV started, are interviewed by the anesthesiologist or CRNA and all paperwork, including consents, is completed. We try very hard to honor the scheduled times, but unavoidable circumstances sometimes cause a delay. We ask for your patience in those instances.